Why Should You Get a Wooden Watch?

Why Should You Get a Wooden Watch?

We get asked often, "why should I get a wooden watch?" 

This answer can realistically be quick or a little more detailed. The quick version, a wooden watch is unlike any other watch. Each watch is made from real wood which causes a variety of grain patterns and coloration making each watch unique.

But if you have a little more time, let's talk about wooden watches. More importantly,

Let's talk about why YOU may want a wooden watch.

Our watches were designed in house to be as unique as possible. We have created version after version, testing prototype after prototype to ensure that our watches are the best they can be. 

Each watch is handcrafted and hand assembled.

But don't worry, hand crafted doesn't mean we cut corners. In fact, it means we are even more detailed at each step of the way. Every watch goes through a product quality check after it finishes through assembly.

An ordinary steel watch that you will see online or in retail stores were made to be mass manufactured. 


Each watch is made from REAL wood and designed to be one of a kind.

What's that mean? Well, wood is naturally unique. Even though it's the same species of wood, each tree will be completely unique in it's grain pattern and it's coloration. No two pieces will be exactly the same.

You can take a piece of nature with you.

Every time you wear our wooden watches, you have a little piece of nature with you wherever you go. A memento of the times you were able to adventure, to kickback and relax and a piece that reminds you of all the good times.

Buy one plant five 🌱 

Our goal from the beginning has been to give back to the environment and to plant trees all over the world. Thankfully we have been able to partner with a tree planting company and have planted trees all over the world. How? For every watch we sell, we plant five trees in honor of the purchase. 

Your wooden watch is also a reminder that your purchase meant something. That because of your purchase, trees were planted where they are needed most. 

Where do we plant?

We have been able to plant worldwide! Often planting in the rainforest, the U.S and in Africa or the Philippines. We send our monthly tree certificate to those who are subscribed to our email list. We also post it on our Instagram! Check our instagram stories to see where we plant for the month!

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