About Mamba Watches

Mamba Watches was created with a mission to bring you beautifully handcrafted watches at a price that doesn’t hurt your wallet.  


We believe that watches are meant to express more than just time. They become a part of your identity. That’s why, at Mamba Watches, we strive to create watches that give you a distinctive edge and set you apart.


Mamba Watches was born out of a true love for woodcrafting. Our founder, Austin Arms, has been aardent student of woodcrafting all his life. At the age of 18 he decided to start Mamba and start saving the earth. For every watch sold, one tree is planted. Austin knew the planet was in need of some help if we want to leave something behind for future generations to enjoy.


The story goes back to 2018, when on a vacation, Austin spotted a gentleman wearing a wood-crafted watch. It was love at first sight. Possessed by the idea of using his love for woodcrafting to design something so iconic and timeless, he set out to create his own watch brand. From there, began the uphill journey of converting the dream into reality.


A lot of sleepless nights and months of blood, sweat & tears later, Mamba Watches came into existence.


Mamba Watches takes pride in its handcrafted classic designs, passion for perfection, minimalistic philosophy and high packaging quality.


With a quest for perfection and a vision to create something extraordinary, every watch we craft goes through the strictest quality controls and utmost attention to details.


The watches are hand-crafted from natural wood which gives each watch its own special hue and texture, making it truly unique.


A lot of thought goes into our designs to make sure you stand out from the crowd and turn heads everywhere you go.


Go ahead and gift yourself a Mamba Watch. 


You’ll fall in love with it. That’s our promise.


Every time you shop with us, you’ll also be contributing towards a better future for our planet. Together with One Tree Planted, we pledge to donate five trees for every watch sold. We believe in giving back.


If there’s anything we can do please reach out to us at mambawatches@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.