About Mamba Watches

MambaWatches was founded on an idea of sustainability and having something unique. We were tired of everyone wearing the same ole watch that everyone wears. Instead of creating a watch made of steel and looking identical to every other watch out there, we decided to carve our own path. Our focus was to handcraft beautiful and unique watches using sustainable materials. Since our watches are made from real wood, each watch is unique in coloration and grain pattern meaning no two watches are exactly alike!

“Why wood?” you may ask… Oftentimes people get swept up in their everyday life and they forget about what keeps them grounded. Being out in nature is like hitting a reset button on stress, increasing happiness and boosting relaxation. Getting out to the great outdoors is an escape for a lot of people, including us! With this in mind we knew we needed to craft something perfect that would allow people to take a piece of nature wherever their adventure takes them. 

Sustainability with wooden watches? That’s right! All of our watches are being sourced from reclaimed wood! Meaning extra trees WERE NOT cut down to craft our watches.

Leave an impact with your watch. We knew we could go even further with our company, we wanted to create something for the future. Leave something behind. Our tree initiative was born. In honor of your purchase, we plant five trees for every watch we sell. Shop now and take nature with you.


If there’s anything we can do please reach out to us at info@mambawatches.com We’d love to hear from you.